What is the minimum and maximum investment?

There is no maximum investment level however there is a minimum of £100,000 and spouse / partners can enter into a half share of £50,000 each.

Can I sell my holding?

Yes. During the term hold investors will be able to sell their investment to a third party. That third party will need to complete anti money laundering and new client procedures before distributions can be made. Castlelaw may be able to approach other investors to facilitate a sold but will not be bound to do so.

Who will value the portfolios?

Chartered Surveyors local to the subject property and of a suitable reputation will value the properties in the portfolio on a regular basis and their values will be recorded in the annual reports.

What would happen if, for any reason, Castlelaw ceased to exist?

The legal title to the properties are held by the investors in Castlelaw Alpha Limited. There will be a first ranking security held by the bank over any property that has gearing but this will equate to a maximum of 50% of the value of the subject property. If Castlelaw were to go into administration a Trustee would be appointed to sell the assets and distribute the proceeds of sale to the creditors, i.e. the banks and the original investors.

Please note the limited partnership has two types of partner:  general partners who are liable for the debts and obligations of the limited partnership and limited partners (the investors) whose liability is limited to the extent of their capital contributions.

Will I need to put in further capital?

No, investors will not have to contribute further capital. All costs are funded from the rent received. Castlelaw will facilitate that there is working capital to cover any anticipated future costs this will be accounted for in the projected returns to investors from the outset.
The risk of most large unexpected costs are mitigated through either property insurance where applicable and in most instances the tenants have FRI leases (Full Repairing and Insuring) leaving the onus on the tenant for repairing obligations at the property.

Can I invest using my SIPP?

Yes all our investments are SIPP Compliant (unless otherwise stated) but this would be subject to your individual SIPP providers requirements